Sitting is considered the new smoking!

With society relying more and more on technology, our desk jobs are forcing us to sit more, for longer periods of time.  We are not designed to be in one position for such prolonged periods.  For this reason, some businesses, and people working on computers at home, have started to address this issue with technology that allows us to change positions more frequently during the day or evening.  

Our office recently began using one of the products from a Canadian company called AnthroDesk.

The ErgoConvert Electric Sit Stand Desk Converter has been introduced to our office, and we are very pleased with the product, and how well it's been integrated at our clinic.  The converter is easy to move along the existing desk, and the motorised controls are easy to use and very quiet.  This converter has allowed our front desk team to easily change positions, sitting to standing, efficiently, with no interruptions in patient care.  This product will prevent long term neck and lower back complications that arise from constant static posture.

The Equilibrium team is very pleased to recommend this Canadian company and it's products to help alleviate the pain and dysfunction that occurs with prolonged sitting.

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